EventSense is a social media monitoting platform for event managers who care what customers say. Our platform helps event organizers and enthusiasts capture the pulse of large events and event managers gain valuable insights into their impact on attendants. 


What can you do with EventSense?

Our technology gathers and aggregates mentions from a variety of online sources be it Social Networks (Faceboo, Twitter, Instagram, Foursquare, Tumblr, Youtube and more), blogs or portals so that you can understand what do people say around and about your events and drive meaningful performance indicators and turn big data into awareness.

Our event planners utilize EventSense for:
1) Reputation Management
2) Event Monitoring
3) Influencers' Identification
4) Event Analytics and Aggregation
5) Impact Measurement
6) Uncovering social sentiment

Become socially intelligent

Success lies in understanding that in a social media world everything communicates, and communications affect everything. By exploiting the numerous features available and leverage social media analytics that Infalia offers, an event planner is able to better understand the impact that an event made, to organize future events in an enhanced way and to plan marketing initiatives much more efficiently.

Our EventSense solution can help your event identify user groups, measure social media activities, understand behaviors and sentiment and discover causes that drive them. With EventSense you as event planners can finally leverage this data so that you can improve customer satisfaction, identify patterns and trends, and make smarter decisions regarding marketing campaigns.

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The most active participants with regards to your event in the most popular social media networks.

Geo-located Social Media Activity

Where did people tweet the most? Where was the stage that they took the most Instagram photos?Now this information is yours with EventSense activity heatmaps.

App Analytics

Experience Analytics like never before. Solid Reporting including most commented sessions/films/ participants/.., most visited places, user demographics and so much more to bring you into a new world of data.

Shared event-related Multimedia

Do you want to dig in Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Tumblr, Flickr and Instagram to gain insights and know who talks about your event and what do they share? Intelligence is now made possible with EventSense.

Event Infographics

Start creating, sharing and demonstrating great visual content. Say your event's story in a beautifully aggreagated infographic professionally communicated to your attendees and the public.

...and act on that knowledge to harness the power of digital communications with EventSense.