EventLive is a display platform that tells the story of your event. A live wall that comprises a set of engaging public visualizations, installed in the premises of an event, generated from social media data and content, as well as other data (e.g. collected from apps) related to the event.


With EventLive Pioneering Event Planners: 

1) Provide richer and memorable event experiences
2) Boost participation and event engagement
3) Gain Exposure for their sponsors
4) Learn how visitors interact with their event
5) Turn their event into a year long conversations
6) Gamify the event experience!

As social media is turning indispensable for event planning and promotion, stakeholders of the event ecosystem should manage and leverage the user generated social content throughout the lifecycle of the event. To provide richer event experiences, ensure attendance and attendee engagement, event organizers have to think out of the box and find new ways to display social streams as part of their event.

An EventLive Show can include:


  • Selected posts from social media 
  • Aggregated Views of social media data
  • Twitter feeds
  • Multimedia Content (images, videos and presentations)
  • Social Analytics and geo located information
  • Messages to the Public

Get started

It can be customized within minutes and can be tailored not only for small and big events, for corporations, malls and outdoor events.

The EventLive tools:

The player

A web-based User Interface component for displaying the visualizations to the public to the audience.

The show

A specification of a sequence of elementary vizualizations that are played in a loop.

The show manager

A web-based User Interface component (accompanied by the appropriate back end logic) for creating and editing shows.