DEEPCUBE (H2020 ongoing)


DeepCube – “Explainable AI pipelines for big Copernicus data”

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SPIDER (H2020 completed)

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A Cybersecurity Platform for Virtualised 5G Cyber Range Services

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WeGovNow (H2020 completed)

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Towards #WeGovernment: Collective and participative approaches for addressing local policy challenges

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SmartROOT (Erasmus+ ongoing)

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Smart Farming Innovation Training

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Virtual Hackathon (Erasmus+ ongoing)

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Virtual Hackathon

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VETVoices (Erasmus+ ongoing)

vet voices

VETVoices: Self-Guidance and Motivation for Career-Seeking Refugees

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UNIFORS 2020 (Erasmus+ completed)

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UNIversities for Future wORk Skills 2020

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