UNIFORS 2020 (Erasmus+ completed)

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UNIversities for Future wORk Skills 2020

Duration: 30 months (01/09/2018 to 28/02/2021)

The project UNIversities for Future wORk Skills 2020 – UNIFORS 2020 brings together strong partners (5 universities from Poland, Romania, Belgium, Spain and Portugal and two SMEs one from Spain and one from Greece) aiming to increase students chances for a faster and better insertion on the labour market by improving their soft skills. The project will investigate employers, students and teaching staff perspective on specific soft skills gap and collect existing best practices in the field at EU level in order to prepare our students to the new labour market expectations.


  • Authorities in education and employment
  • Research institutes
  • Students’ associations
  • Local authorities
  • National/European authorities
  • Training institutions active in the youth field
  • Private sector businesses and employers, etc.

Intellectual outputs

  • IO1: Research on labour market needs of soft skills in 5 EU countries
  • IO2: Research on soft skills at universities (EU perspective)
  • IO3: Development of soft skills training curriculum and teaching materials
  • IO4: Innovative online course on soft skills for university students



Research on labor market soft skills needs


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