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3rd meeting and 1st training activity for teachers in Porto

30 Sep - 2 Oct 2019

The 3rd meeting of UNIFORS project and 1st training activity for teachers took place in Porto, Portugal.

Designated trainers of all units participating in the UNIFORS 2020 met at POLITÉCNICO DO PORTO (Portugal) to increase their competences in soft skills training, which will launch the blended soft skills training program for employment for university students.

During this activity, teachers have exposed the first version of the training materials for each module, and they have received feedback from other participants.

In the coming months the partners will finalize the course content, and during the second training activity for teachers will be formed in the use of e-learning tutoring platforms and students, since the course will have a mixed format, students will face sessions combined with elearning activities.

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Teresa and Vitor we couldn't ask for more :) Thanks a lot for your fantastic hospitality.

1st multiplier event in Bucharest

9 May 2019

The 1st multiplier event of UNIFORS project took place in Bucharest, Romania.

On 9th of May the first multiplier event of the project completed. During this event partners presented the project and results of the surveys to the students and other stakeholders. 49 people attended the event, including representatives of the Ministry of Labor of Romania who took advantage of the occasion to present a new law that has as main aim to promote internships for students and unemployed youth.

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2nd meeting in Bucharest

7-8 May 2019

The 2nd transnational meeting of UNIFORS project took place in Bucharest, Romania.

From 7th to 8th of May Project partners of UNIFORS project attended the second transnational meeting of UNIFORS Project.

The Romanian-American University hosted the meeting in their facilities in Bucharest. The project partners have jointly analysed the results of the study on soft skills carried out to companies, university students and teachers. 179 companies, 527 students and 40 teacher from 6 European countries have participated in this survey. Project partners have also collected 28 good practices on soft skills training programs.

You can find the results of the project in the following links:

IO1: Research on labor market soft skills needs in 5 EU countries

IO2: Research on soft skills in University-EU perspective

On these results, the partners have decided the most important soft skills on which the training course for students will be developed. This course is the main result of the project and will begin to develop this year. The next event of the project is the training of the teachers responsible for the development of the course, and will take place at the headquarters of the Politecnico do Porto.

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Special thanks to Dana and George for their amazing hospitality :)

Kick-off meeting in Poland

29-31 October 2018

The kick-off meeting of the new Erasmus+ project UNIFORS took place in Olsztyn, Poland.

Representatives of all units participating in the UNIFORS 2020 met at the University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn to sign the contract and set out the details of cooperation.

UNIversities for Future wORk Skills 2020 – UNIFORS 2020 (2018-1-PL01-KA203-050809) brings together a strong partnership (5 universities from Poland, Romania, Belgium, Spain and Portugal and two SMEs one from Spain and one from Greece) aiming to increase students chances for a faster and better insertion on the labor market by improving their soft skills.

The project will run for 30 months and its main objective is to increase quality of soft skill training at both European and International level in order to foster employability of recent graduates, by implementing a soft skills blended program for graduates in 5 European universities.

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We salute the excellent Polish hospitality in Olsztyn.

Looking forward for a successful and fruitful project