EventPanel is a powerful back end event content management system which allows for fast and problem free development and real time update of any EventMobile app. The platform is divided in three sections: the mobile content management, the EventLive management and social media analytics.

 Technology at the service of Event Professionals

1. Easy content management that accelerates mobile development.
2. Real-time communication of last minute changes.
3. Access EventSense analytics. 
4. Analyze, compare, benchmark, and report your social results and event analytics in one powerful dashboard.
5. Instantly generate data visualizations, shows and event timelines to showcase with EventLive.

The platform is designed following the principles of simplicity, user-friendliness and interoperability. Whether it is speakers, exhibitors, artists or films infalia's EventPanel provides the tools to ensure that information flows seamlessly from any database or registration system through to your event app. What we offer is a complete, paperless event guide that ultimately helps organizers save costs and time.

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How can you benefit from EventPanel?


Manage your event analytics efficiently.


Create your event's mobile app.

Update your content real-time.


Run campaigns, manage and showcase social media analytics and results with EventLive