Mobility Sense

Personalized Traffic Information
while on the move

Exploit the possibilities offered by smartphones to move intelligently in times of congestion, transforming you into a live sensor for city traffic.

Mobility Sense


MobilitySense Workflow

Mobility Sense

Record commutes

Record commutes

Commute recording & submission

Record your commutes while using the transportation infrastructure of your area.
Submitting your recordings to the central authority system, enables useful conclusions to be made about the mobility network efficiency of your area.

Get dynamic feedback

Report problems

Report a problem that is happening near you and is affecting traffic, providing a description, category, location & photo.

Broadcast to nearby users

Nearby citizens that share the same transportation means or are directly affected by the problem receive your message.


Traffic alerts from central authorities are automatically sent to your mobile device.

My Mobility

My Mobility

Manage frequent places & trips

Automatically detect the user’s frequent trips & most visited places and offer personalized traffic information based on them, including alerts about the expected route.
Check the traffic status 1 hour before the expected departure and generate a warning if there is traffic jam along the expected route.

Nearby stops

Elevate your experience through Augmented Reality

My Mobility
Visualise nearby bus stops in real time using Augmented Reality.
My Mobility
Easily access relevant information for each bus stop like the timetable and estimated time of arrival.